Finishing and tuning


Waxed snowboards for season safekeeping

Those who buy the board in spring or summer start to wax it (apply wax on the base of the board) in order to conserve it till winter. We offer the boards with waxed base, all ready for long-​term storage. Free

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Monoblock inserts are much more reliable than commonly used single ones. This technology protects against ripping out of inserts even in aggressive riding.

Thoughtful design of sidewall construction simplifies the process of sharpening of the edge as the file is not clogged with plastic chips.

Protective aluminium tail-​bar protects the snowboard against delamination, either it stance or in the snow.

Stone ground finish and applying of figured structure on the sliding base provides excellent sliding. “Arrow” is the typicalfigured structure pattern of our snowboards (possible structure of the “diagonal”).

Full wrap edge protects the nose of the board. OES snowboards have sharp-​ground edge: from –2°/0° to –4°/0°.