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The Onedge Style Freecarving line represents a variety of models of different length, widthandgeometry. Universal or highly specialized, with different “temperaments” they suit any style and answer any preferences of a rider.

Our snowboards are of following modern configurations:
— sandwich construction;
— specifically chosen rocker/​camber combination for each model;
— maximum effective edge due to the short nose;
— aluminium tail-​bar,
— monoblock inserts,
— wrapped edge.

Model range

Length/​Name Nose – Waist – Tail

Radius (details)

Setback Stance
151 Bastard > 19.814.720.2 cm 811 m
1.5 cm 4553 cm
158 FC > 22.617.021.2 cm 1012 m 1 cm 4553 cm
158 Flame > 21.016.921.0 cm 12 m 0 cm 4553 cm
161 Tundra > cm 812 m 0 cm 4553 cm
161 FC > 23.417.023.5 cm 9 m 1 cm 4553 cm
161 CDB > 23.418.023.4 cm 912 m 1.5 cm 4553 cm
161 Bulat > 25.621.225.0 cm 12.1 m 0 cm 4654 cm
164 FC > 25.619.224.1 cm 812 m 4.5 cm 4553 cm
168 FC > 22.316.022.8 cm 811.7 m 1 cm 4553 cm
168 Bulat > 26.522.126.0 cm 12.7 m 0 cm 4654 cm
169 FC > 25.519.225.4 cm 913 m 0.5 cm 4553 cm
169 Loony > 22.616.822.6 cm 912 m 1.5 cm 4553 cm
170 FC > 21.316.921.2 cm 915 m 0 cm 4553 cm
172 FC > 23.517.021.9 cm 9-​12m 2.4 cm 4553 cm
1731 > 22.917.522.3 cm 916 m 1.5 cm 4553 cm
1732 > 25.518.524.2 cm 914 m 3 cm 4553 cm
1733 > 23.518.023.7 cm 1013 m 3 cm 4553 cm
175 FC > 24.518.223.7 cm 9-​14m 3.4 cm 4553 cm
175 Wide 2821.226.9 cm 12-​16m 3 cm 4553 cm
175 Bulat > 27.623.027.1 cm 13.3 m 0 cm 4654 cm
176 FC > 24.418.523.0 cm 1015 m 3.9 cm 4553 cm
177 FC > 25.719.023.8 cm 9-​12m 3.5 cm 4553 cm
178 Sputnik > 23.718.022.9 cm 1014 m 3 cm 4553 cm
178 Sputnik W > 25.820.225.0 cm 1014 m 3 cm 4553 cm
180 FC > 25.419.824.6 cm 1218 m 4.2 cm 4553 cm
185 FC > 27.522.927.2 cm 1321 m 0 cm 4654 cm

You can find more detailed descriptions on the individual model pages.




Basic construction of our freecarve snowboards consists of carbon, woodcore and slidingarrow structured base.

Depending on the purpose of the modeland in orderto achieve precise behavior of the board the base model is added with special reinforcing components.

We choose the core composed of appropriate species of wood. Required stiffness is achieved by combining of several carbon layers of different density and interweaving.Awesome grip and stability on hard pack is a hallmark of our company and OES snowboards.

These boards have pleasant “massive” rebounduseful and helpful in most situations.

Price: 500, VAT incl. (only board)



Maintaining all the advantages of the basic construction our “Aramid Race Composite” technology changes the character of rebound: sharp, quick and strong response makes more fun on small hills but demands high level of skills especially on difficult slopes.

Price: 600, VAT incl. (only board)



Light constructionmakes the behavior of these snowboards understandable and predictable. For each model we use changeable combination of several types of fiberglass fabric of different density and interweavingas well asthe core composed of appropriate species of wood.
The boards of this construction are good for newcomers and for those who prefer smooth riding.

Price: 350, VAT incl. (only board)



Racing technologies combined with freecarve shape provide fantastic comfort, grape on ice and quick rebound in any style.

Being excellently damped the snowboards of titanal construction allow to take no notice of the condition and steepness of the slope.

Price: 800 €, VAT incl. (only board)

Please bear in mind that there is no warranty for the insert blocks of the “Freecarve” snowboard line with titanal construction (Titanal ‚ World Cup & Spirited).

There is no strong strengthening of the insert blocks in the correct titanal design.That is why when your feet work on a hard fastening (catek, bomber) and your feet are large in size you can easily pull out the insert blocks.

So, if you want to be careful not to pull out the insert blocks you are strongly recommended to choose an option “Additional carbon strengthening of the titanal constructions”. The price for this kind of strengthening is €100 in addition to the price of the board. Then your warranty will cover in full the insert blocks.

SL & GS boards are used together with plates which means that strengthening of the inserts is not necessary: boots are fastened to the plate that lays on the board and evenly distributes all the load.

World Cup


All the technologies and materials of the top racing configuration are used in this construction. At the same time stiffness distribution has been revised and conform the purpose and character of each model. Made of phenol composite the sidewalls increase torsional stiffness while Vectran increases and accelerate rebound.
Special W, F, M highin graphite bases are used in this construction. Compared to the usual graphite bases they provide distinctly better slide.

Description of base types >

This construction is available for any model.
Price: 900, VAT incl. (only board)



Spirited is a basically new design intended EXCLUSIVELY for the professional riders of high training level.

Zest of the new design is a partial replacement of the woodcore by special composite material in counjunction with Kevlar and Vectran which are fivefold stronger than steel. This particular replacement gives the board increased flexibility and much more power while two layers of Titanal and some layers of specific rubber provide it with smooth ride.

The increased torsional Stiffness of Spirited undoubtedly influences the accuracy of reference of the Turn and the level of energy transmitted by a rider.

Spirited is stable in difficult slope conditions and steadily holds the edge even on broken slopes or ice and at a high speed.

The degree of flex of Spirited construction Snowboards is always hard or higher.

Don’t try to flax the board with the help of your legs! Snowboard speed control is achieved by speed and tilt angle.

Price: 1100, VAT incl. (only board)

Options and details:


Each board typehave three basic stiffness levels: Soft, Medium and Hard, that cover the entire range from 50 to100 kg. In addition, stiffness of snowboard could be always customized.

The degree of flex of Spirited construction Snowboards is always hard or higher.

Edge bevel angles

Base edge bevelangle is 0° and side edge bevel angle is 2° (88°) for freecarve snowboards.


Special W, F, M basesare free for Team Edition, for other versions — 50 .

Graphite bases N, G, P are free for all constructions.

Сolored base — 100 € (Except models 175 Wide, 175 Bulat, 185 FC)

Compatibility with race plates

Vist” inserts for “Bulat” series — 50

Monoblock inserts

The inserts can be made according to the customer’s own measurements in case the order is not less than 24 same snowboards.

Topsheet options

Customary snowboard topsheet is white with OES logo. Board Fiberglass — logo without the flag. We propose as an option to change the topsheet to a single color sliding base that will be twice stronger and thicker than the ordinary one.

Coloured sliding base for the topsheet — 50

Below is the photo of the finished topsheet:

It is possible to print your own picture.

Custom design of topsheet — 150 €.

Besides we can adapt any graphic design from our library for the model you’ve chosen.

Adapted design from our library — 50 €.

Carbon under transparent topsheet — 100

Carbon instead of the topsheet — 75

Black topsheet with OES logo for freecarve snowboards (except for the world cup, spirited ) — 50.

Can’t be used on board: 151 unDead World Cup
151 unDead Spirited
151 Bastard World Cup
151 Bastard Spirited
158 FC World Cup
158 FC Spirited
Flame World Cup
Flame Spirited
Tundra World Cup
Tundra Spirited
161 FC World Cup
161 FC Spirited
161 CDB World Cup
161 CDB Spirited
164 FC World Cup
164 FC Spirited
168 FC World Cup
168 FC Spirited
169 FC World Cup
169 FC Spirited
Loony World Cup
Loony Spirited
170 FC World Cup
170 FC Spirited
172 FC World Cup
172 FC Spirited
1731 World Cup
1731 Spirited
1732 World Cup
1732 Spirited
1733 World Cup
1733 Spirited
175 FC World Cup
175 FC Spirited
176 FC World Cup
176 FC Spirited
177 FC World Cup
177 FC Spirited
Sputnik World Cup
Sputnik Spirited
Sputnik wide World Cup
Sputnik wide Spirited
180 FC World Cup
180 FC Spirited

Black topsheet with OES logo for 175 Wide, 175 Bulat, 185 FC — 150.

Below is the photo of the finished topsheet:

We recommend!

We recommend to sharpen the edge of a snowboard from base side to 0,5, 0,75 or 1 degree. You can do it yourself with the help of the device for edge sharpening purchased in a shop or request any ski service.


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Please note!

A snowboard comes to a state of its normal stiffness only after at least 10 hours of active ride.
Compound of resin and materials should become more elastic and flexible.

Premium-class snowboard

As you can see, we offer a very wide variety of ready-​to-​buy model versions: 4 construction types and 3 stiffness degrees, each of which has precisely tailored and tested components.

However, if you need a personal approach, there is a special service…
Detailed description >

Dear customers!

The discounts are made only for the special offers. The terms of the offers are announced on this site. We cannot provide any additional discounts besides those given on the site. Otherwise we had to include them into the starting price. Our company put away this practice in favor of true and not excessive prices.