180 GS


New models 2018


Soon, new our SOFT CARVING snowboard line
it will have “AM” name!!!

New information on the website

OES 180 GS

  • 180 cm; R 1219 m
  • 25.020.523.3 cm, look
  • Giant slalom; Board for boy
  • Camber Titanal — 18mm; Camber World Cup — 20mm


We recommend!

We recommend to sharpen the edge of a snowboard from base side to 0,5, 0,75 or 1 degree. You can do it yourself with the help of the device for edge sharpening purchased in a shop or request any ski service.

Please note!

A snowboard comes to a state of its normal stiffness only after at least 10 hours of active ride.
Compound of resin and materials should become more elastic and flexible.