Tx Junior Pro


Waxed snowboards for season safekeeping

Those who buy the board in spring or summer start to wax it (apply wax on the base of the board) in order to conserve it till winter. We offer the boards with waxed base, all ready for long-​term storage. Free

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The Tx Junior Pro Transmitter is a portable battery-​powered device that triggers the Freelap Stopwatch and FxChip. A single Tx Junior Pro can be used to time laps, or a single Tx Junior Pro can be used in combination with the Tx Touch Pro, or a pair of Tx Junior Pro transmitters can be used to time short sprints.

The Tx Junior Pro can emit 3 magnetic modes:
START : reset the time (start a time block)
LAP : record a lap (intermediate)
FINISH : record a lap and send the time block by radio

  • Accuracy: 2/​100 seconds”
  • Detection distance: 1.5 meters
  • Batteries: 2 x LR6 (AA). Alkaline. 2.2 A.h
  • Lifetime battery : 300 hours
  • Water resistant