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Customary snowboard topsheet is white with OES logo (except 154FS, 158FS, 162FS). Board Fiberglass — logo without the flag. We propose as an option to change the topsheet to a single color sliding base that will be twice stronger and thicker than the ordinary one.

Coloured sliding base for the topsheet — 50 € (Except models 162 BX Wide, 165 BX Wide)

Below is the photo of the finished topsheet:

It is possible to print your own picture.

Custom design of topsheet — 150 €.

Besides we can adapt any graphic design from our library (see at the top) for the model you’ve chosen.

Adapted design from our library — 50 €.

Carbon under transparent topsheet — 100

Carbon instead of the topsheet — 75

Black topsheet with OES logo for SL, GS & FC snowboards (except for the world cup, spirited) — 50.

Can’t be used on board:

157 SL World Cup, 157 SL Wide World Cup

162 SL World Cup
164 SL World Cup
175 GS World Cup
177 GS World Cup
180 GS World Cup
185 GS World Cup
190 GS World Cup
151 unDead World Cup, 151 unDead Spirited
151 Bastard World Cup, 151 Bastard Spirited
158 FC World Cup, 158 FC Spirited
Flame World Cup, Flame Spirited
Tundra World Cup, Tundra Spirited
161 FC World Cup, 161 FC Spirited
161 CDB World Cup, 161 CDB Spirited
164 FC World Cup, 164 FC Spirited
168 FC World Cup, 168 FC Spirited
169 FC World Cup, 169 FC Spirited
Loony World Cup, Loony Spirited
170 FC World Cup, 170 FC Spirited
172 FC World Cup, 172 FC Spirited
1731 World Cup, 1731 Spirited
1732 World Cup, 1732 Spirited
1733 World Cup, 1733 Spirited
175 FC World Cup, 175 FC Spirited
176 FC World Cup, 176 FC Spirited
177 FC World Cup, 177 FC Spirited
Sputnik World Cup, Sputnik Spirited
Sputnik wide World Cup, Sputnik wide Spirited
180 FC World Cup, 180 FC Spirited

There is NO WAY to produce: ALL BX boards, ALL FS boards, 175 Wide, 175 Bulat, 177 GS Wide, 185 GS Wide, 190 GS Wide, 185 FC.

Below is the photo of the finished topsheet:

Requirements to your own design

If you want to give us your own design for printing please consider the following requirements:

— CMYK-​colors,
— .tif file format, all the fonts and effects are rasterized, without transparency
— there shall be no board contour and no inserts, the picture should be in the form of a rectangle,
— size of the picture is to be the full-​size board dimensions + oversizes: 3 cm on the top and on the bottom and 2.5cm on each side.
For example, if the board length is 160 cm and the width is 25 cm, the layout should be 166x30 cm.
— Resolution — at your discretion, we recommend 150300 dpi.
— The file should be divided into parts of 150mb packed in the archive RAR to send to us.

This is an example! It isn’t topsheet for buy!

To make
the snowboard looking like this one:
We need the following layout:

If the background of your drawing is white, it is necessary to stroke the perimeter of canvas (not board contour!) with gray line of 2 pixels width.


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