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Soon, new our SOFT CARVING snowboard line
it will have “AM” name!!!

NEW!!! 2019

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Your feet work as a nail drawer tearing out the inserts out of your board. No matter how firm your board is and what way we try to protect it, the inserts will be torn out and the board can be split.

Do it this way and our board will be broken!

Let’s take SLALOM snowboard which is designed to be equipped with the plate. Let’s set up ordinary bindings on it without any plate. Then put on the bindings and begin to jump, do somersault, land on the tail, into the snow, etc.

Slalom board is designed to be used with the plate and to be used for slalom. It can bear landings and some kind of definite blows, but it will just crack or brake under excessive efforts which crook the tail and the nose. Slalom board is designed to be used for slalom only.

Don’t forget that while riding on soft snow the nose of the board will easily sink into the snow when your body continues inertial movement forward. In this case you can easily get an injury or break the board.


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